National Exchange Bank & Trust: Personal Banking and Investments

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National Exchange Bank & Trust (NEBAT), established in 1933, is a hallmark of financial stability and community dedication in Wisconsin. This family-owned institution balances traditional values with modern financial services.

Personal Banking Services

NEBAT offers a spectrum of personal banking solutions. From versatile checking and savings accounts to comprehensive online and mobile banking, clients enjoy convenience and reliability. Their loan services, including tailored mortgages, cater to diverse financial needs.

Investment Services

NEBAT stands out in investment services. Their partnership with Raymond James ensures a broad range of options, from retirement planning to asset management, aligning with individual financial goals.

Community Involvement

At its core, NEBAT is committed to community growth. Their support extends beyond business lending to include community events and financial education, fostering a robust local economy.

Why Choose NEBAT?

NEBAT differentiates itself from larger banks through personalized service and deep community roots. Customer testimonials reflect the bank's impact and the value of its services.


NEBAT represents a blend of personal touch, financial acumen, and community spirit. It's an ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive banking services with a local feel.

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